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Rainbow Cake

Learn how to bake this multicolored cake and two types of buttercream frosting. 

You will learn how to make precise layers with a professional flare.

We will also learn basic piping techniques to achieve a finished cake for any occasion. 



Wednesday, June 22, 2022
10:00 am 

High Heel Shoes cupcakes!

Every girl would love to have these unique and creative cupcakes at their special event. Learn to create these "sweet" shoes and dazzle your friends and family!

Monday, June 27, 2022

High Tea/Coffee Cupcake Tutorial 

Learn to make "coffee" or "tea" cupcakes. 


1. how to make the cake

2. how to make the frostings,

3. how to make chocolate decorations

4. how to decorate the coffee/tea cups.

5. FREE silicone coffee cup and saucer

This workshop is especially appropriate for the young baker. (under 12 years)


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Celebration cake bootcamp

In this comprehensive hands on workshop series you will learn the secrets of making  spectacular buttercream cakes for any occasion

 Learn  how to bake a delicious cake and make a variety of frosting recipes.

Learn the "tricks of the trade" to   fill and assemble the cake so that  your cakes will always look neat and professional..

Finally, we will learn how to use decorating tips to professionally decorate any cake and make buttercream flowers. 

All supplies and materials are provided. Just come and have fun!

Limited class size

Tuesday, July12, 19, 26

This series consists of 3  workshops 3,  hours each.



Floral Cupcake Bouquet 


1. how with one quick squeeze you can make intricate looking buttercream flowers. 

2. how to creatively mix colors for fantastic affects.

3. how to create a real cupcake floral bouquet!

4. All materials included. (baked cupcakes, frosting, planters, etc. ) 


Tuesday, August 9 2022

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Be properly prepared for the upcoming chilly weather.

Learn how to make your own custom made "hot chocolate bombs". 

Keep them on your shelf to warm you up on a cold winter day, or send them as a gift. 

In this workshop you will learn how to choose the proper ingredients and understand how to manipulate them to get the most delicious and beautiful "bomb".


Hot Tea Bombs

Drinking tea will never be the same again once you experience a tea bomb. 

You will be amazed at the beautiful glass like balls that will make possibly the best glass of tea you have ever tasted.

They also make a beautiful gift!

(adults only - hot sugar)


Impressive cakes that are easy to make!! 

This workshop will take you from  baking to decorating and everything in between! I will reveal to you my secret ingredients for possibly the best chocolate cake you have ever tasted, plus secret decorating hacks.

 You will  receive the recipes along with a step by step hands on baking and decorating  tutorial. .  

During the workshop we will assemble and decorate our cake(s) together. 

You will be amazed at what you can create!

IMG_7963 (1).jpg

Decorated Chanukah Cookies 

Learn how to decorate the perfect Chanukah cookie. We will be working with royal icing and will learn various piping and decorating techniques to create gorgeous designs. 

Strudel Workshop 

,Learn the proper techniques to make a genuine apple strudel. Learn the proper technique to make and stretch the dough.

We will learn the secrets to make the perfect dough, even  how to chose the proper flour for a successful outcome. We will  make possibly the best apple strudel. you have ever tasted!

Quick and Easy Dessert Ideas! 

Learn how to make a variety of impressive desserts  with minimal preparations. No special skills necessary. You will be amazed at what you can create,.


Cake pops!

Occasional Cake Pops

Chocolate Cake Decorations

Learn to make impressive chocolate decorations to finish off any simple chocolate cake or individual dessert. No special tools or skill required. You will amaze yourself!

Purim Themed Decorated Cookies

Learn how to decorate the perfect Purim themed  cookie. We will be working with royal icing and learn various piping and decoration techniques to create gorgeous designs. 

In addition, we will learn how to make edible cookie place cards and napkin rings! 

FullSizeRender (3).jpg
Perfect Pies & Tarts
Perfect Cakes
 Perfect Cookies
Plated Desserts
Basic Cake Decorating
Designer Fondant Decorated Cupcakes
Sold Out!!
Sold Out!!
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