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Is there a cookie doctor in the house?!

How many of you has tasted a cookie that was so perfect; crispy on the outside and perfectly chewy and soft on the inside? A cookie whose recipe you are thrilled to get and try? And then it comes out dry and tasteless? Or, the wonderful cookie that you tasted was nice and puffy and your cookie is thin and flattened out with bumps of chocolate chips sticking up like unsightly blemishes?

What went wrong? Do I need to add more fat? Less flour? More liquid? How do I know how to diagnose and fix these problems? You aren’t a “cookie doctor”? Have no fear, it's not so complicated. By understanding how these ingredients work together, we can figure out what needs to be done to fix it. We can take our tried and true recipes and make them even better! Stay tuned to my next blog post for "cookie tips".

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