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Cake Syrup a must!

So you bake a cake, and spend a good portion of the next day decorating it. The next day you present a stunning cake accompanied by everyone's oohs and ahhs. Then everyone eats the first slice and.... it tastes dry and possibly on its way to going stale...How embarrassing is that?! Cake syrup to the rescue! Its so simple and so essential.

Whenever you bake a cake and prepare the layers to fill and frost, never forget to brush each layer with some cake syrup. What does the syrup do? It does two things; 1. it adds moisture to the cake, 2. It works as a preservative (both salt and sugar are preservatives) and allows the cake to retain its freshness for more time

It is a real game changer. And what's more, its so easy to make. Two parts water to one part sugar, bring to a boil. Shut off and pour into a jar and keep in the refrigerator (It lasts a nice a mount of time).

Cake Syrup recipe:

2 cups water

1 cup (7 oz.) sugar

bring to a boil. shut off flame. cool. keep in the refrigerator


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